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Steve Black
Steve Black MD, PROF EMER
Helen Petousis-Harris
Helen Petousis-Harris PhD, PGDipSci(Dist), BSc
Jim Buttery
Jim Buttery MBBS, FRACP, MSc, MD, CHIA
Global Coordinating Centre (GCC) Team
Headshot of Ben Atkins
Ben Atkins, PhD
Statistical Data Analyst
Karin Batty
Karin Batty RN, PGDipPH(Dist)
Medical Writer | Research Associate
Michael Browne
Michael Browne BA
Secretariat | Project Manager
Mary-Rose Cavanagh
Mary-Rose Cavanagh MA
Senior Project Manager
Hannah Chisolm
Hannah Chisholm PhD, BHSc(Hons)
Epidemiologist | KPS Research Fellow
Hazel Clothier
Hazel Clothier, PhD, MAppEpi, MInfDis, FIBMS
Luam Ghebreab
Luam Ghebreab PhD, MPH, MD
Data Manager
Jennifer Griffin
Jennifer Griffin PhD
Lead Epidemiologist
Judith Hammond
Judith Hammond PhD, MProfStuds, BA
Programme Manager
Headshot of Jeff Harrison
Jeff Harrison, PhD
Scientific Director
Muhammad Javed
Muhammad Javed, PhD, MSc(Computer Science and Software Engineering)
Support Analyst
Yannan Jiang
Yannan Jiang PhD, MSc, BSc
Lead Biostatistician
Gonzalo Sepúlveda Kattan
Gonzalo Sepúlveda MSc, BSc(Environmental Science)
Support Analyst
Arier Lee
Arier Lee PhD
Han (Hannah) Lu
Han (Hannah) Lu PhD(c), MSc, BSc
Tapiwa Matsika
Tapiwa Matsika LL.M, LLB(Hons)
Contracts Manager
Janine Paynter
Janine Paynter PhD, BSc(Hons)
Guri Samby
Guri Samby CA, BCom
Financial Analyst
Md (Sami) Samiullah
Md (Sami) Samiullah PhD, MSc, BSc(Honours)
Support Analyst
Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh PhD, MS, BSc(Hons)